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this day egypt got itsfreedom thay all stood together hand in hand we defeated everyne in the way we where amazing at at the end we got wat we wanted and all the people that died trying to make this world a better placegot wat they wished and they did not die for nothing they died happey that they acually did something to egypt .


A Place i want to go!

i want to go to berlin , germany when my frend justin came to visit me he told me all about berlin i was amazed thats why i always wanted to go to germany. he told me they have lots of shops and everything that comes out will always be in berlin stores , they have great partys there, and they have the best football pitch to watch germany play.

an unusual day

on day i was in the bedroom i was doing my homework when i heard something screaming out side i went out side i found a big huge lion that was eating our sofa i ran to the bathroom causei seriosly did not want it to eat me then sudenly i found a really big snake in the tub i ran to mothers bedroom to find that she was not there and i found a gorilla sleeping my mothers place then i went in mothers bathroom i found a crocidile fighting a shark in the tub so i ran again and went out of the house when i was going down the satirs i look ed from the window and i found a giraf looking at me so i thout to my self and said there is no use so i jumpet out the window

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